Team Climatify

Our team bagged "The Best Port Related Idea" Award at the "24 Hour Business Game" organised by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneureship and sponsored by Turkish Airlines, Port of Rotterdam, etc. The team was also a part of the coveted LaunchLab Programme at Yes!Delft, one of the best business incubators in the world and being guided by renowned entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Aniruddh Mukhopadhyay


Aniruddh is an alumnus of Erasmus University Rotterdam and National University of Singapore, the global startup hubs. These universities brought out the best in him as he studied with the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. He was involved in projects with Fortune 500 companies. He was mentored by the finest faculty members, and industry leaders in Europe and Asia. Having travelled around the world and interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, he expanded his horizons. He is taking the initiative towards a more sustainable future through innovative business practices. He heads our INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. He can be reached at

Dheeraj Dey

Director - Europe

An entrepreneur at heart, Dheeraj is also an automotive consultant who holds a Master's of Science degree in Automotive Engineering from University of Aachen, one of the most coveted technical universities in Germany. He heads our EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Operations, bringing all his technical expertise and network of our European partners, combining technology and analytics to help in business growth. When not working, Dheeraj spends his time travelling, swimming and cooking. He also loves boxing and dabbles in photography in his free time. He can be reached at

Jayant Mukherjee

Mentor & Strategic Advisor

Jay brings in the team, the experience of 15 yrs in global consulting & customer engagement. He plays the role of Mentor and guiding Climatify on key strategic initiatives, finance & revenue model. Jay is an alumnus of IISc, one of the premier research institutes of India. In his career, Jay has visited almost 23 countries across globe & handled more than 50 Fortune 500 clients. A chess avid, Jay stays with his family in Bangalore, India. He is our Mentor & Strategic Advisor. He can be reached at

Dinish Bajaj


Dinish is an absolute performer with a strong business acumen. He has proven himself across multiple business verticals. He studied I.T. and business management in India and the Netherlands to follow his passion for IT aided business solutions. He is a great networker and a keen learner. He has worked on projects with BARCO for business analysis and the World Economic Forum. He was also involved in real estate business in India. He is eager to tap the immense potential of the Indian market through innovation.

Advisory Board

Mr. Mukund Kamdar

Senior Consultant & Advisor

Mr Kamdar is an internationally reckoned industrialist who has received six prestigious National Awards from the Government of India. He has 25+ years of extensive manufacturing experience in multidisciplinary industries and products with vision, passion, purpose, year after year, successfully achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives with rapidly-changing environments. With spectacular experience of engineering systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple industries and greatly successful in building relationships with customers, creditors, control of critical problem areas and delivered on customer commitments. Started at ground level, owned and operated businesses, group of companies, from one to seven companies, 10 employees to over 575 employees with 'state of the art technique' in existing infrastructure and increase incredible production quality, capacity and profitability. He understands the passion and drive it takes to turn lines on a page into a life-changing product. He managed MK Group of Industries having seven companies in 4 locations, 2 shifts, 17 manufacturing production facilities, more than 1764 most complicated OEM products, more than 56000 SKUs, supervising over 350 employees, supplying to Government and Semi Government enterprises all over the country, sales network over 200 OEM manufactures, 85 multinational Companies, 1200 dealers, 30 Agents, 45 C’Dot telecom license manufactures, 120 construction companies (builders) all over the country & export to 40 countries worldwide. “MK” has received several credit worthy & prestigious national awards, most notably, the Hind Rattan national award from former President of India for outstanding service in the field of telecommunication for outstanding services.

Mr. Angelo Roventa

Austrian architect, consultant and advisor

elastic_LIVING®, developed by the Austrian architect Angelo Roventa, is a new housing concept that is both future-oriented and in step with the spirit of our time. "I tried to incorporate the philosophical aspects of time and chronology into spatial planning, and realize them in architecture," says Roventa, "…a man cannot be in two places at the same time. We also have different needs in different phases of our life." Angelo Roventa was awarded the Austrian State Prize: “Outstanding Artist Award - Experimental Trends in Architecture 2014” for elastic_LIVING® . An alumnus of University of Applied Arts Vienna and “Ion Mincu” Architecture and Urbanism University, he is an innovator and is known for his outside-the-box thinking. He was nominated for the "Mies van der Rohe Award 2009", Barcelona, 2009. He was also awarded the Vorarlberg Woodconstruction Prize 2009. His work has been exhibited in "Getting Things Done" Worldwide Exhibition in 32 countries. He was a part of the I Saloni - expo Milan, 2013. Based out of Vienna, he is our veteran adviser and consultant.

Dr. Pranab Kumar Tarafdar

Retired Professor of State Agricultural University

Dr. Pranab Kumar Tarafdar, a retired Professor of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (State Agricultural University) has 25 years of teaching and research experience in the fields of soil science, in general, and soil conservation against various degradation in particular. He has successfully guided research programmes of 8 students towards obtaining their Ph.D degree and 28 students for their M.Sc degree. He has published many scientific papers in various journals of national and international repute and also participated in various national and international seminars/conferences for presentation of papers in the country and abroad. Most of his research works during his career were directed on soil erodibilities, management of problem soils etc. But, presently, his research interest focused on the use of geotextiles as an ameliorative to soil related constraints on improving crop productivity. Efficiencies of Pitcher irrigation, an alternative to drip irrigation and a low cost technology having eco- environment friendly and high water saving potential on the sustainable management of orchard and vegetable production, strip cropping, salinity control are some of his current research interest.

Mr. Alok Kumar Khastagir

Jute Technologist Calcutta University

Mr. Alok Kumar Khastagir, basically a Jute Technologist from Calcutta University had his exposure in General Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM, Calcutta) followed by Marketing and Export Management from Templeton College, Oxford. Having wide experience in Jute Mill Management and Marketing of various Diversified Jute Products (DJP) including Jute Geotextiles (DJP), he held positions like Chairman – cum – Managing Director of Jute Corporation of India (JCI) and Project Manager of two International Projects, one on Production and Marketing of Diversified of Jute Products & the other on Jute Geotextiles both funded by Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), an Inter Governmental Organization under United Nations. He is presently acting as Director/ Advisor of two leading Jute Mills in India and visiting faculty of a number of Management Institutions.